Chinlead International Corp., Ltd. relations enterprises from the 1947 of the establishment of the " Ching Fong " general store, and this store will become the source of the whole Ching Fong Group. In December 1960, the company expanded its business to " Ching Fong Company Limited". The principal activities of the Company are sales of Honda motorcycle and the establishment of technical cooperation and agency relationship with "Honda Motor Company of Japan". In October 1961, it was renamed as " Chinlead International Corp., Ltd." and actively developed various products, thus laying a foundation for comprehensive traders

Chinlead International Corp., Ltd. mainly sells products for the steam, motorcycle parts, motorcycle transmission belts, chains, lubricants, bearings, transportation equipment, in the industry has a pivotal position. In response to the ever-expanding business, the "Fong Ta Trading Co., Ltd." was established for the sale of lubricants and automotive chemicals. The company also set up” Kingmate Co., Ltd.” in 1978. It mainly sells general-purpose engines, generators, off-board machines, agricultural machinery and other products. Chinlead International Corp., Ltd. and Chinlead’s business group not only establish a sound domestic marketing network but also aggressively expand sales to the China, Southeast Asian countries’ market to build a strong transport-oriented business. In the future, Chinlead will continue to move towards the global business expansion and deepen it to become a comprehensive & internationalize trader which cope with society needs.
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